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Our Headquarters

A Little History:

For many years the Alliance operated out of the President's home and did not have an office or a place to hold its classes or events. In 1998 it started renting a large enough space in the basement of the famed Music Mansion on the East Side of Providence. It operated out of that location for 12 years. At some point it really became difficult to run the operation in a place which was not totally safe. The Board of Directors decided that it was time to move. The search for a new home lasted 3 years and ...

New Home, Sweet Home:


...In August of 2010 the Alliance Française of Providence purchased a home located at 928 Smith Street in the Elmhurst neighborhood of the City. The building is 2500 square feet and the land 15000 square feet. The house is "historic" in character dating back to 1895. It has allowed the organization to further develop its activities. Thanks to a strong capital campaign and a sizable bequest from one of its members, Ms. Edith Ehrlenmyer the Alliance was able to provide the down payment and rehabilitate the property. Thanks to a gift from the Government of Quebec and TV5Monde the Alliance was able to renovate the garage and make it into the "Maison de la Francophonie" which serves as classroom, lecture hall, movie house and library. The Greenwood Credit Union provided a 20-year mortgage. Four rental units allow the organization to cover the cost of the mortgage and the utilities.


The Alliance Française de Providence is available for rent! Plan your special events such as birthday parties, meetings, workshops, anniversaries etc. Just let us know and we will do our best to help you get organized.


Please contact us for additional information and to reserve a rental date and space.

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