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Find your level of French Proficiency

A1 Curriculum   Based on Echo A1 Book

A1.1  (Beginner)

- Alphabet and Pronunciation

- Definite and Indefinite Articles

- Gender/ Singular/ Plural

- Conjugation of Verbs from the 3 groups + être + avoir + aller                   + faire

- Ne… Pas

- Numbers to 100

- Interrogation with intonation and est-ce que

- Date and Time


- Conjugation of comprendre, connaître, faire, aller, venir,                  vouloir, pouvoir, devoir

- Interrogation

- Agreement Noun/Adjective + Position of Adjectives

- Near Future

- Stressed Pronouns after a Preposition

- Passé Composé


- Possessive and Demonstrative Adjectives

- Comparison

- Partitive Adjectives

- Interrogation with Inversion

- Imperative

- Expressions of Quantity

- Prepositions and Adverbs of Places

- Pronominal Verbs


- imparfait + Imparfait vs. Passé Composé

- COD/COI Pronouns   (Complement d'Objet Direct,                     Complement d'Objet Indirect)

- Connecting Words (logical narration)

- Recent Past

- Present Progressive

- Expressions of Frequency/Repetition

A2 Curriculum   Based on Echo A2 Book


-  Future

-  Comparisons (of qualities, quantities, and                   actions)

-  Pronouns “en” and “y”

-  Expression of Condition

-  Subjunctive (forming and basic use)

-  Expressions of Quantity


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  • Relative Pronouns (qui/que/où)

  • Adverbs (forming and placing)

  • Present Participle                                                                                                                          * Indicative Mood review (all 4 tenses) and understanding of Radicals. Direct and indirect Object Pronouns (review and developing)


  • Conditional Tense (hypothesis, suggestions, requests)

  • Reported Speech

  • Faire/laisser + verb *

  • Subjunctive (more complete)

  • Passive Voice


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  • Possessive Pronouns

  • Indefinite Adjective and Pronouns (chaque, tous, etc…)

  • Demonstrative Pronouns

  • Comparative Constructions

  • Verb + Verb (no preposition, à, de)

  • Expression of Appreciation and of Opposition

* Elements in italics are either review or very specific and can be taken out of the curriculum so it can be better adapted to all teachers/teachings

B1  Curriculum

. Understand points regarding family, work, school or leisure-related topics.
. Follow the main points of extended discussion around him/her.
. Create simple texts on topics of personal interest.
. Express the main point he/she wants to make comprehensively.
. Give personal views and opinions in an informal discussion with friends.
. Deal with most travel situations in areas where the language is spoken.

B2  Curriculum

  • Understand the main ideas of concrete or abstract topics.

  • Can communicate with a degree of fluency during a discussion with many speakers.

  • Can express an opinion on current affairs or various cultural subjects.

  • All four learning skills of a language will be used: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

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