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Tailor to Needs



Today the Alliance is a well-respected institution in Rhode Island, and the only provider of language skills through adult and children programs that is not directly connected to a university or college with 247 students enrolled in language classes in 2013. Upon request we can arrange on-site corporate French or Spanish classes in Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts. Classes will take place on a day and time or your choosing for a minimum of 8 weeks of class.


The instructors will create lessons to your business needs and specifications, with the ultimate goal of builiding the students’ reading, writing, speaking, and understanding skills, and a variety of materials and teaching methods will be employed. The cost of corporate classes is drafted based on the number of students and hours to be taught. For additional information or to request a detailed proposal, please inquire at our office allow up to two weeks for the proposal to be drafted including a teacher assignment.



With successful after school programs with schools in Massachusetts and Providence, we would love to reach more children and immerse them in new languages and cultures. After school programs can be arranged to meet your specifications in regards to days and times to meet and the teaching focus. Please notethat only one language can be taught per program; teachers use a variety of learning activities appropriate for the age group to begin to teach students how to speak, read, write, and understand the language.


We require minimum of eight students in the learning environment to start a class on-site for a minimum of six weeks of class. After school programs must be arranged at least one month in advance to the requested program

start date, and follow our Language Center Policies. The cost of the after school program will be determined after the arrangements have been layed out; the price is dependent on the number of students and the number of hours to be taught. For additional information or to start a program, please inquire at our office.

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