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We are very excited to bring this sponsor landing page to you!

 Let's get to know each other better!


The purpose of this page is to present our organization, its mission, and its programs to you as a potential sponsor. We want to tell you why it might be a good idea for your organization, your business, to support our activities.


We know that many other organizations are approaching you for help but we want to show you how different we are and how close we are with you.


We complement each other in our city and our state so let us join forces.


1 - Support our Scholarship program for Rhode Island high school students. Every year Rhode Island 1,200 High School students participate in the Grand Concours organized by the American Association of Teacher of French. (AATF). It is a high-level test in French which is monitored by the AATF. At the Annual Ceremony the Alliance offers a Scholarship to some of the best students who have had the highest results at the Grand Concours. Your monetary gift could be made in the name of your organization.


2 - Support our Cultural programming. Every year the Alliance organizes several cultural and social events. In October a theater group is invited to present a play in French, sponsor the play!

In December, for the holidays the Alliance offers a special afternoon for the children with a magician, Santa also gives gifts: the "Arbre de Noel" (the Christmas Tree!) is a tradition in every business or organization in France.


The Francofête, at the end of March is a collaborative effort between a number of French organizations in the State and needs some support: a donation of product or service for the raffle is greatly appreciated.


The Fête de la Musique at the end of June gathers a number of musicians who perform for the Alliance, 2 years ago, the Alliance joined forces with a group called " Make Music Rhode Island" and would like to expand this event to a wider audience in the State.


Every month the Alliance presents a movie and needs to cover the cost of licenses and staff ... Your monetary gift would help defray some of the costs of these events.


3 - Support our Language Center. Language training is our core business and we would like to extend its activities to new categories: businesses; ESL…


4 - Support our Summer Camp.


5 - Support our events with a Wine Donation.


6 - Offer our members a discount on your products or services.


Your support means a lot to us! When you donate your time, your money, your products, your discounts to our Alliance we will reward you! Here is how:

  • Mention of your participation in our electronic newsletter which is sent to 2,800+ Providence area contacts.

  • Mention of your participation on the events page of the events you sponsor on our Website including your logo and a link to your own website.

  • Mention of your participation on the Alliance Facebook page, on Instagram (1,300+ followers) and Twitter.

  • Display of your marketing materials in our Headquarters lobby, which is open to all our students, event attendees.

  • Your participation is prominently shown during the event that you might sponsor.

  • Your company, organization becomes a Corporate member of the Alliance which opens your staff to our programming at a lower rate as well as access to our Cultural platform: CULTURETHEQUE.

  • Access to local plays, concerts, ballet at discount rates negotiated by the Alliance.

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