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Language Center Policies

The Language Center policies must be observed by all students to ensure efficient service. Current and potential students should become familiar with these policies. Any deviation will be considered a policy infraction and will be handled accordingly. The office will be closed and classes will be cancelled on national holidays, and in cases of bad weather; students will be notified by email in such an occurrence and the class will be made up at the end of the session.


Registration Policy

  • Payment must be made in full before the first class; tuition rates are non-negotiable. A late fee of $15 will apply if payment is not made by the second class. Please note that bounced checks result in an additional fee of $25.00.

  • Tuition costs do not include membership fees or books (only current members may access the library).

  • Please note that all our group classes are based on a minimum of 4 attendees; classes will be offered only with a minimum of 2 students. In a small group setting (3 attendees) or a semi-private setting (2 attendees), classes will have respectively 12 or 10 hours of instruction instead of 15 hours.

  • Late enrollment is accepted until the end of the second week.

  • Tuition costs can be pro-rated upon request if the missed dates are given in advance (see Missed Classes).


Withdrawals and Refunds

The Alliance Française is a non-profit organization that establishes class schedules based on enrollment at the start the session, therefore our refund policy is restricted as described below.



  • We must be informed of any class withdrawal by email (contact@afprovidence.org).



  • For any classes, a tuition refund will apply if enrollment is dropped before the second class, minus a $30.00 processing fee for regular classes, a $50.00 processing fee for intensive classes. Refunds will be processed within 3 weeks by check. Books are not returnable or refundable once distributed to the student.

  • Tuition refunds available within 90 days of payment.



Missed Classes

Missed classes are not refunded. If you know that you will be unable to attend a class before the start of the class session prior to any tuition payment, we will pro-rate the cost in advance only if the specific dates to be missed are provided. Upon a change in the student’s schedule, students are not allowed to attend the date of the class that was pro-rated; no other class date may be substituted for the given pro-rated dates. Pro-rating will not be offered once classes start.




Members are eligible for reduced tuition rates year-round. The following discounts are applied to the respective rates for standard, member, and child tuition. We also offer an Early Bird Discount before each session. This discount will be made available at the start of each session and will be valid only between the dates announced by the office. Upon the last day of the discount, students who indicate to the office after closing that they attempted payment will be allowed to pay at the reduced tuition rate (by 5%) until the end of the next business day.


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